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Our approach.

Translating your future vision

After discussing your requirements, we’ll arrange a secure transfer of your business data and begin work on the design. We can include graphs and charts to illustrate performance and develop a logical narrative that effectively communicates your company’s current position and vision for the future.

You’ll have the opportunity to fully proof the document before it’s signed off and, should you require, we can print and mail it to all relevant parties.

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The steps.
Step 1

During our consultation with you, whether on the telephone or in person, we will discuss and outline your brand values, objectives and guidelines so we can tailor your catalogue according to your business. We also research your business, products and your competition.

Step 2
The design

With our consultation notes, brand guidelines and research to hand, we will work on creative ideas, that usually include a cover design and two or three page layouts. We will then present the designs for you to review to ensure they meet your objectives.

Step 3

Once the design layouts, colours and fonts are all agreed, we’ll plan and schedule in the artworking process and place in all content, such as images, text and illustration which will bring the catalogue – and your products to life.

Step 4

You’ll be able to fully proof the catalogue and make any final amendments before it goes to print. We have an online proofing system that allows you to review the page layouts, check content and add comments for use to change.

Step 5
Printing &
direct mail.

Once artwork is complete and you have signed-off, we’ll handle the printing and finishing off your catalogue, giving you expert advice on what will work best, as well as mailing it to your customers if you’d like us to.

Enquire now.

To learn more about our services or discuss a project with us, call us now on 01622 822070 or complete our form to request a call back.

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What happens now?

If you have decided that you need a new catalogue designed then the first step is to contact us. We can discuss with you exactly what you need from your catalogue and then provide you with a free quote. If you have an existing catalogue that you would like us to critique and receive a free report then please send us a copy in the post to our contact address.

How do you want the content?

We ask that you provide all content, including photography unless you wish for us to provide this service.

Supplied text we ask for in a Word document in the order you would wish to see in the catalogue. Final edited text should be supplied before we start the artworking stage.

Images and photography should be supplied at 300dpi JPEG, PSD or EPS formats. PNG files are usually used for the web and wouldn’t be suitable for printing in a catalogue. Product pictures if on white backgrounds need to have clipping paths on or the background removed, we can also help you with this at an additional cost.

What if I need help with my text and photography?

We are able to offer you these services if you require copywriting and photography, just let us know and we would be pleased to include this into our free quotation.

How long will it take to produce a catalogue?

Full project length does depend on the size of the catalogue and the number of products that need to be included. But usually we need one week to produce the design stage and then once reviewed and the design is signed-off we would need two weeks for a catalogue of about 72 pages and seven to eight weeks for a catalogue of about 500 pages.

Are your services expensive?

No! We have a very competitive rate for our design and artworking services. By utilising our wealth of experience in this field we know what will and won’t work, allowing us to get to the best possible results faster, maximising your budget.

Can my catalogue be turned into an online flip-book?

Yes, we offer the service to turn your newly designed brochure into an online interactive flip-book that can be viewed on desktop computers as well as tablets and mobile phones. It offers a better experience than sending a customer a PDF. View some of our recent interactive-brochures.