Five things we are discussing in office chat this month…

Weber Grill on Magazine

Summer is here and everyone is heading to their local garden centres to purchase new flowers and/or plants, garden furniture or looking for a new barbeque. We noticed at the bigger well-known centres, Dobbies and Notcutts, Weber has a section showcasing their range of barbecues and accessories. Sian picked up a copy of there Grill On magazine, not just for food inspiration, although the brisket looks mouth watering but also for the design inspiration to share with the team. It has some great, bold page layouts with different typefaces to compliment each page. It’s definitely worth picking one up if you see it!

Calling all console players!

The Crash Bandicoot trilogy was one of the biggest hits of 2017, selling more than other new releases. So what’s in store for 2018? Well it’s been confirmed that Spyro the Dragon will be heading to our consoles this September celebrating its 20th anniversary! I’m sure everyone is reminiscing the days of playing this during their childhood, collecting the eggs, gems and releasing the dragons. A pure classic!

The World Cup!

From the beginning, The World Cup has been unbelievable! There has been so many exciting games and massive upsets. Watching big teams like Germany, Spain, Argentina and Portugal exit the world cup at the early stages. It finally feels nice to be so excited about watching England in The World Cup! We are and have been a completely different side and we are so proud of every single one of those players. The game against Columbia was single-handedly the hardest game I have ever had to watch! We deserved to win within 90 minutes and was so unlucky to concede very late in the game. But the fact those young lads held their nerve and won our first ever penalty shoot out in a World Cup was incredible to see! Watching the quarter final game against Sweden was a lot easier! We were absolutely in control from start to finish and there was a not a nervy moment during the whole game. The semi final against Croatia was absolutely heart breaking. After the first half, everyone was celebrating as we were 1-0 up and looked very comfortable, not knowing how the second half would plan out. Unfortunately, it wasn’t how we had all dreamed. To summarise, a very enjoyable World Cup and England showing a lot of promise moving forward. Bring on the Euro’s 2020.

We love the latest TFL Safety Posters!

Transport for London is known for its heritage in graphic design, from the famous London Underground map by Harry Beck, the Johnston typeface to the recognisable roundel logo.

La Boca recently created safety posters for TFL. They have been designed beautifully to communicate messages to travellers using London transport. They are simple but bright, bold and effective! View posters here.

You’re a sort!

So we are in the 6th week of Love Island and getting closer to the final. With 2.43 million tuning in to watch the final last year, it was ITV’s highest audience figure ever! Will that figure be beaten this year? The discussion we’ve had recently in the office is have the previous years of Love Island been better? We think yes! Of course, we still love watching the challenges and the dramas. But we feel previous islanders, especially the boys, bonded better than this year’s group, they brought more fun to our screens and seemed more loyal.

Tell us if you’re a lover or a hater and your favourite couple.